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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Bargain second hand tools in depth review

I started making another video but to explain in detail it would taken ages to make so I thought it would be best to make post on here with photos.

When I spotted this tenon saw I had to get it it has a nice handle heavy brass spine and it can be resharpen this will be perfect for making joints I just need to resist using it for any cut.

This little ruler is easy to read as it is black on steel and has both metric and imperial and it is a great size.

The calliper need a rub down but it is accurate compared to my cheap £3 one I bought a while ago.

I bought this chuck for next to nothing and its good quality it will sure come in handy for another project ,suggestions greatly appreciated.

These f clamps are a good size for most glue ups and have been very handy for clamping down my grinder to laminating ply together and have some good clamping pressure

theses clamps 1200 mm long great for edge jointing boards and it has a latch system that allows you to easily adjust the width

this i got for free as i bought some other things,it should be sturdy.

this is a great c clamp 6 inch and good amount of clamping pressure.
i have broken the pad (which can happen to old clamps) I will have a clamp repair video coming up soon.
and a bundle of Stanley 5001 chisels rusted with dirty handles but still in ok shape 
I have a restoration video of these chisels.

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