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Sunday, 31 August 2014

how to make paper

After watching this video on how to make paper I decided I should have ago at making some

Mitring a frame.

Gluing the miter sandwiched with blocks.

Drilling and and screwing

more screws.

You need some mesh the mesh that nick ferry used was tulle but i used some plant netting but it only just held and in some places is tore so I would recommend something but more flexible, tulle would be a good choice.

Stapling the mesh to the frame.

filling a large tray for the frame with water. 

Here I am putting some shredded newspaper in the "blender"
a blender would be ideal but I got a cheap second hand "mini chopper" it is normally used for chopping vegetables up like carrots and stuff but I used it for this it worked ok but I have to adjust it see below.

Putting water in

then tipping in some fine saw dust ,its best to carefully ensure you don't have any large lumps or dirt that could great a dimple of hole in the paper later on.

adjustments I made were that I put ductape around the lid to keep water from coming out to a minimum this helped a large o-ring could also be used

whizzing it up!

taking the ductape off the refill with water

fill up a bit for the make it easy to pour and a bit for diluted

the mixing that up

the pouring it on 

taking it to the towel

I recommend using a few micro fibre cloths to get I finer result.

pressing the water out on the towel

here it is !

using a bit of pipe to try and get it larger

then transferring it to a cloth (finer)

here it is it turned out well for a 2nd attempt you can see it have a few chips that poke out but the other side is ok to write on .A 3rd attempt (not shown) with "hand picked " sawdust worked out bit better but this is great.

I have a YouTube video below

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